125 days ago, we saluted the silent champions of fighting Covid-19 through the Wall of Gratitude. They are catalysts to the efforts of the frontline warriors as they help us navigate through these times. Each of them, from different domains represent thousands of leaders and role holders like them. We felt this is an opportune time to reconnect with our champs and share a glimpse of their lives as they busied themselves in taking care of all matters, professional and personal. We hope it also fills you with gratitude and you find ways to show it to many more DeCoronaChamps around you.

SetuWorks is a thought leader in the livelihood space and is working with other thought leaders to lay out actionable inputs for high employment generating industries in the unorganized space in the deCoronafied World. Please click here to view our papers.


Through a national call for Award Winning Re-Imagined Livelihoods ideas from across the country, the DeCoronise India Initiative aspires to enable hundreds of thousands of able and willing working individuals from across the country, to reimagine and rebuild their livelihoods.

Please click here to join us in raising awareness and funds to kickstart this initiative.

SetuWorks is proud to collaborate with the CEO Group of Companies and has created in-depth infographics to capture the essence of the sessions held by some of the top HR leaders in the country. The sessions, aptly called HR/IR Vaccines for Business & People are a hands-on account of how these leaders have championed the people's agenda while keeping a sharp eye on business continuity to take on the COVID-19 challenge head on and emerge successful.

While we are passing through a tough phase, we cannot let ourselves be overwhelmed by the current situation. We have to keep ourselves, and those in our circle of influence, physically and mentally fit to face the virus head on. We have drawn upon our experiences of living a Medicine Free Life to create many useful communication collaterals to help people boost their physical and mental immunities to safeguard themselves during, and more importantly, post the lockdowns. Please click here to download these collaterals.

Tribute to the DeCoronaChamps

Please click here to see our tribute to the warriors amongst us who are fighting the Coronavirus in their own critical ways.

Our expression of thanks to the dedicated souls who have ensured that supplies of life saving medicines and life enhancing products do not stop during Covid times! (Opens in LinkedIn)